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Conversion Complete!
« on: April 28, 2010, 11:10:56 PM »
I know it may be hard to appreciate since the site looks exactly the same, but everything has been converted internally from bulky tables to CSS styling! Theoretically, the site now consumes less bandwidth and loads faster, though for a site this small, it really doesn't matter...

In more manga-related news, Onemanga has suspended all of the "mature" series from their site! To quote the mainpage:

We are sorry for the inconvenience during this time, but do understand that in the USA, there is very low tolerance for pornographic content on sites like OneManga that attract a sizable crowd of younger readers. If we do not do a sweep like this, OneManga may be closed forever.

Onemanga may be closed forever. Well, well, well.

My teacher mentioned the other day that it was hard to measure bestsellers in China because of all the piracy going on. I feel like that's how it is nowadays with scanlation -- everyone reads from sites like Onemanga or Mangafox, so no one group can tell how well they are really doing anymore. Not that I'm condemning them or anything. I read from Onemanga too. And hey, we're all "pirates" to begin with!
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