Piano no Mori: Journey of a Boy is a website created for fans, by fans. Piano no Mori is not a very well-known series in the United States, as it has not been licensed and has been scanlated only minimally. Most people come across it (if they come across it at all) through the Piano no Mori movie, better known as The Piano Forest or The Perfect World of Kai. The movie follows the manga for up to five volumes, which, unfortunately, is right about where scanlations cease. This is a crying shame as the series is twenty-two volumes and running - a damn good series, too! Nodame Cantabile, by contrast, is far more popular.

Piano no Mori: Journey of a Boy was created as an attempt to remedy this. It is my dream not only to create a detailed and informative site where readers can quickly look up information about the series if they need to, but also to promote the series in the United States. Publishers are not unaware of the online scanlation community and if an unlicensed series becomes popular enough, they are more likely to pick it up. I hope that one day, a company like Dark Horse will sign that contract with Kodansha and begin releasing Piano no Mori in the US for real.