About the Webmaster

Fwoom has been riding the tidal wave of the INTARNETZ since about 2001, when she got into Neopets. Since then she has dabbled in html, roleplaying, blogging, lame games like Starcraft and Kingdom of Loathing, less lame games like Winterbells, and wears a piano necklace around her neck all the time to make people think she is better at piano than she actually is. The only thing that kept her from becoming a hardcore gamer like her friend Elizabeth was her good ol' Mac OS 9, which couldn't open .exe files. Incidentally, the necklace was bought in Vienna.

Fwoom's life goal is to start a self-sustaining blog/website, which will bring in residual income even when she isn't doing anything. In her spare time, she sleeps, eats, plays Wii, and spends money hosting websites that she only updates once every two months. She plays the piano - but not as well as Kai - and the cello - but not as well as her Korean friends - and has come to an agreement with her parents to learn some useful trades in college while implementing her master plan, so she doesn't starve to death.

Fwoom is known as Foxfire in the scanlation world, more accurately Be With You Scans run by the honourable Chara Redth, and retains the position of Chinese/Japanese translator.